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Pract-Eco Solutions is a Veteran-Owned Small Business, started in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2021. The company's founders, having grown up in California, understood the gradual shift towards compostable straws.  Most products on the market forced businesses and clients to compromise on either quality or high price -- we knew there was a better answer to provide both "practical" and "ecological" products.  Hence, the name Pract-Eco Solutions was born.  Shortly after, we launched our Nex Sip! line of sugarcane straws as our answer, and today offer everything from cocktail stir straws and normal drinking straws, to smoothie straws and even boba tea straws.

Within 6 months of our launch, we had expanded into over 20 restaurants, multiple distributors, and a growing number of retail locations.  Today, our team continues to consistently provide compostable products all across the United States.​  

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Our Mission is to provide RESPONSIBLE products to OUR CUSTOMERS without compromising on practicality or durability. Our innovative COMPOSTABLE products provide an ECONOMICAL solution to an increasingly ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious community.

Our Goal is to establish ourselves as an industry leader heading the transition towards more environmentally conscious biodegradable products produced through repurposing biowaste.

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